The Rainbow Methods:

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The Rainbow Methods have been shared by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D  since 2008.

If you are tired of BEGGING God for what you want, this book is for YOU! This short ebook will show you how to work with God in order to receive what is best for you and your family. This method facilitates miracles. Read it now if you need a miracle.

Enjoy this special  FREE Ebook on how to pray for those tough cases and where there seems to be no hope.

The Rainbow Prayer Method was given to us by the angels and guides that work with Barbara Marie.  It is quite different from your regular type of prayer.  With this method, you work with the angels and guides to co-create results for your highest good.

There are 7 steps in this method of prayer and they each co-ordinate with the colors of the rainbow.  These colors have a special power and they are used in a sacred way.

Order now and see if this is a method you can use for yourself.  Many blessings!

This method of prayer was given to me back in 2008.  I used it myself many times and to my delight, it has created wonderful and peaceful outcomes in my relationships and the relationships of my clients.

Barbara Marie
Barbara Marie The Divine Life Institute.

The Rainbow Method of Prayer has really helped me in my life.  I am amazed that no one has ever shared this before.  It helps me feel that I am working with God in any conflicts that I have in my life.

Heather Haynes
Heather Haynes Heather's Healing Hands