Using the colors of the RAINBOW to create a life of JOY and MAGIC!

Shared by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D  since 2008

  • About the Rainbow Methods

    The Rainbow Methods – Using the 7 colors of the rainbow to connect to Divine sources for personal power and spiritual growth

    The Rainbow Methods came to Barbara Marie in the year 2008.  With the Divine Guidance of “The Present Ones”, she has been able to fine tune the methods and now offers them to the public.  If you are wanting to feel the Presence of God and wanting to create the miracles you have been yearning for, start using The Rainbow Methods today!

    In this method, we use the colors of the rainbow in a sacred manner.  Each color has a “power” that we can use to help us in our daily lives.  Together, the colors synergize to connect us to a Higher Power, and help us create a life of JOY AND MAGIC.

  • About Reverend Barbara Marie

    Since the year 2000, Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D. has been blessed to be working with Angels and Guides in all of her offerings to the public.  Her clients are extremely appreciative of her gifts.  Barbara Marie offers the Divine Guidance through the Language of Light and through being a Channel for the Divine Sources.

    Several of her offerings can be found at:  www.ReverendBarbaraMarie.com

  • What is available now

    The Rainbow Method of Prayer

    Using the 7 colors in a way to pray for miracles and happy endings.  This method connects to what you want but also in alignment with what God wants. The intention is for the highest good of all, not just what YOU want. This is especially helpful when there are injured parties and personal conflicts.  Many miracles have been manifested using this prayer method. It is personalized for each situation.

    The Rainbow Method of Meditation

    Using the 7 colors in a sacred meditation process to receive Higher Guidance for yourself.  Each color is used in a specific manner to create this sacred Rainbow space where your Inner Guidance System will be ignited. You may use this every day to benefit every area of your life.

    The Way of the Rainbow Personal Transformation Program-

    This 7 week program teaches you the full power of each of the colors along with Activations by the Present Ones each week, to fully embody each color.  Each week the energy builds and you receive exactly what you need to explore, expand and express your Divine Essence.  You will embrace your life purpose and start to fulfill it with Love and Joy. This program is for serious spiritual seekers.  It is extremely powerful if the participant is ready to receive Higher vibrations.

    The Way of the Rainbow Business Transformation Programcoming soon

    In this program we take the 7 colors and apply them in a sacred space, to build a heart -based business. The program starts by building a sacred foundation for your business and then your business is developed on that foundation.  Divine Guidance comes through for each participant and you will receive exactly what you need in the moment to create, build and grow your spirit based business.  The weekly information and Activations will come from The Present Ones and your own Higher Self.



Praise for the Rainbow Methods

I have used the Rainbow Prayer Method and all of the other Rainbow methods for many years and I am now making them  public for those who care to use them.   The prayer has been the source of many miracles for myself and my clients.  The Personal Transformation program and using all the of rainbow methods has made my own spiritual journey one of joy and magic.  I share the Rainbow  methods with now with a great passion for helping others to reach great spiritual awareness about themselves and others.

Barbara Marie Babish
The Divine Life Institute

I have been on a high all day after our wonderful session. I feel so joyful and positive thanks to your insights and intuitive guidance and angelic clearings.   Many many thanks.  You have a special gift that you so generously shared with me and I know  that my vibration has been raised to a new level.  Thank you thank you!

Diane Fagan (Australia)

 "After learning to create a Rainbow, I find that I am much stronger in my personal power, especially when it comes to setting personal boundaries.  I can now stand up for myself and it feels great!

As an Angel Intuitive Guide, I am finding it easier to communicate with my Angels. I no longer "need" to use Angel cards to give messages to my clients.

Joyce Yost (Canada)

Way of the Rainbow Program:  I also learned the importance of having a more structured existence…not always at everyone’s beck and call  I experienced a much needed sense of grounding. I now have an even closer relationship to Jesus and even a heightened sense of energy to accomplish my daily duties.

Cheryl (Canada)

The Rainbow Method of Prayer has really helped me in my life.  I am amazed that no one has ever shared this before.  It helps me feel that I am working with God in any conflicts that I have in my life.

Heather Haynes (Canada)
Heather's Healing Home

Profound! Powerful! Felt my chakras being cleared and felt soooooo grateful for the love and support extended to me by Barbara and the Present Ones. I can finally let go with ease. What a relief! I can now release that which does not serve me with ease. So grateful!

Roopa Karayi (India)

“The Way of the Rainbow brought me a very unexpected healing.  I have been suffering the loss of my mother for over 40 years.  During the Rainbow sessions I was finally able to write my mother a letter.  Even though I thought I dealt with her loss, the little girl in me needed to talk to my mother.  During the Way of the Rainbow I was able to do this.  The little girl in me was able to scream, yell, cry and release all that pent up energy, that I did not know was there.  I feel the weight on my shoulders has been lifted!  Thank you!”

Kelly (Canada)

the Way of the Rainbow:  The Present Ones once again came through with Rainbow colors in their message to each of us. Love, caring, feeling calm, and not wanting them to stop with their message.  I know that each week will be better than the last, thank you Barbara Marie for letting me  be a part of this amazing journey.

Heather Haynes (Canada)
Heather's Healing Home